Month: April 2007

dizzy on google

google images has a nice variety of results when the search term “dizzy” is used. Included are images of Dizzy Gillespie, Tazmanian Devil, Japanese anime, fractal digital art, The 3 Stooges and a couple video games. The image shown above is from It yielded the #4 result in a google image search for “dizzy”.

parking lot etiquette

So I had a confrontation in the parking lot this morning. I hate confrontations. See i park far away in the lot at my office. I hate door dings. There’s a corner of the lot where there’s a super big space. Let’s say most spaces are 4 feet wide. This space is 6-7 feet wide. …

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2007 Fantasy Baseball Talk

Every year my twin brother and I have a fantasy baseball league with just the two of us. It’s really weird, every year we alternate who wins.1992 erik1993 matt2000 erik2001 matt (I drop Bonds right before he goes on his monster 72 homer tear. whoops.)2002 erik2003 matt (I got married two months after our draft. …

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