Month: March 2007

monkey feet

Wouldn’t it be great if humans had monkey feet instead of human feet? Think of all the cool stuff we could do. I wonder if we would still wear socks and shoes. Shoes would seem to limited what we could do with our great monkey feet. You don’t see too many humans wearing shoes on …

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Burger King guy movie

I love the Burger King commercials with the Burger King guy. Well, now there’s going to a Burger King movie and plans are in place to have it finished by the end of the year. Burger King already has a studio and a distribution deal in place. Marketing folks at BK say the movie will …

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champagne cork chairs #2

The winners of the 2006 DWR Annual Champagne Chair Contest may be coming to a city near you in the coming months. They reach the DWR store in Evanston, IL on Thursday, May 10th. The winners are shown above.From left to right:Grand Prize: Cantilever Block by Adam Weisgerber of Seattle, WashingtonSecond Prize: Kleeko Chair by …

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relief wall tile from any digital file

take photo, make tile. neat. The satelite photo is a great effect. has other examples which aren’t nearly as impressive. What else would make a cool tile? I’d like to see old British crests.

self-portrait mirrors

look in the mirror and suddenly you have a moustache! If the moustache doesn’t do much for you, then has some other offerings. How about some antlers or a bird pooping on your head? Those are my favorites. The eyepatch with the parrot on your shoulder is super cheesey. click on the “work” link, …

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