Month: March 2007

colored paper sculptures

Jen Stark makes some incredibly detailed sculptures from a simple stack of colored paper. I played around with this about 6 years ago. It was alot of fun. By no means were my pieces as beautiful and rich as Stark’s work. It’s just something fun to play around with. Artwork that forcefully infuses as many …

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what is it? #31

another installment of the unlikely moose “what is it” game. what is it? click here for the answer

any states where bears are not?

Is there any state in the United States of America where bears do not reside? If I had to guess, I’d pick one of the flatland prairie states. How about Iowa. photo courtesy of

make red water come out of your faucet

$15 will get you the Faucet Light. The water is blue until it reaches 89 degrees and turns into cow blood. Oh wait. I think i got that wrong. The light simply changes from blue to red at 89 degrees. It runs on uses G13-A style watch batteries.

wooden computer

I love wooden electronics. I’ve blogged about the flash drive in a stick, the clunky wooden digital camera, and the slick, yet uber-expensive wooden mp3 player. Now enter the wooden computer from Suissa Computers. I dig the organic feel of the computer The cd tower is a nice touch. Though the overall design does feel …

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workspaces of artists and designers

Here’s a site that’s dedicated to showing photos of designers’ and artists’ workspaces. None of the photos are incredibly exciting. Perhaps that’s the beauty of the site. I like the photos where they labeled stuff. Those crazy designers. ***waving hands in air***