Month: February 2007

hidden yahoo! emoticons

Well you asked for it. Actually, you didn’t cuz you probably didn’t know they exist. Or maybe they’re common knowledge and I’m behind the times. May I present to you the hidden Yahoo! emoticons. unearthing of emoticons courtesy of rishiraj

Divide Sofa… stoopid!

Nolen Niu has announced the Divide Sofa. It uses high density foam and red upholstery. No cushions here. Ok. So it’s pretty sharp-looking. But this is a perfect example of form over function. From Niu’s website, “the exagerrated gap adds dramatic shadows for graphic effect”. It should be called the cookie crumb couch. The poor …

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wooden mp3 player

I’m not crazy about 1GB $4000 mp3 players, but I’m digging this rich photo of Russia’s Gresso Ltd. Symphonia. The idea of using wood with modern electronics still interests me despite such design failure’s as Olympus’ wooden camera.

Estonian quiz

Take a quick 10 question multi-choice quiz about Estonia. I got 5 out of 10 correctThe following were correct:3,4,7,8,10

Robert Smithson Broken Circle

BROKEN CIRCLE Emmen, HollandSummer 1971green water, white and yellow sand flatsdiameter 140′canal approximately 12′ widedepth quarry lake 10 to 15 Spiral Hill, Broken Circle sketch unedited 16mm takes Emmen, Holland Google Earth Community for Robert Smithson’s Spiral Hill, Broken Circle a daytime photo is shown here a collection of 16 photos on Flickr An essay …

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flickr circles

from This mosaic was made from 2500 individual photographs of circles, photographed by 542 individuals. The mosaic was constructed algorithmically by Jim Bumgardner using images from the Squared Circle photo pool at Flickr, the photo-blogging website. Each individual tile in the mosaic is a unique photograph of a different circular object. Here’s a closer …

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