Month: January 2007

crazy Transformers illustrations

tons and tons of weird little Transformers. My brother says they look like sockmonkeys and they do. I think they look like they need a potty break. However, I was strolling through the rest of this dude’s site and i guess they’re called Micro-Heroes. There’s literally hundreds, maybe thousands of this illustrations. All the characters …

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tree seedlings

Build your very own forest! Well, it may take a while with this particular product. They are tree seedlings in a wooden cube by Jouko Karkkainen. Just plant the box and away you go. Each cube is made from the wood of the same tree that the contained seed will grow into. That’s particularly fun. …

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coolest product of 2006

There was one category I left out of my “best blog posts from 2006” post from 12/29 and that is: COOLEST PRODUCT OF 2006. There’s so many. I can’t pick. I need your help. Tell me your favorite item featured on in 2006. The ten nominees are shown in chronological order of when they …

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