Month: January 2007

internet browser for Nintendo DS

Mark pointed out in yesterday’s post that there’s an internet browser for the Nintendo DS. This made me very excited. There’s interesting details related to this. WHOThe browser is made by Opera.Here’s Opera’s official page on their DS broswer. AVAILABILITYCurrently the Opera DS browser is only available in the following locations:Japan (introduced 7/24/2006)Europe (introduced …

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homemade Pong watch

How cool is John Maushammer? When people see him playing Pong on his watch and ask, “where did you get that watch?” He simply can say, “I made it.“ If you think that’s cool, then you need to check out this custom Commodore 64. I think the casing is perfect for this setup.

simpsons as japanese anime

This is a fun illustration of The Simpson characters if they were Japanese anime. It is drawn by *spacecoyote of The image shown above is just a small portion of the illustration.

nintendo DS buttons

Here’s a clever idea. sells buttons of popular Nintendo DS games. Alot of DS users carry around their console everywhere. So why not wear buttons of the games you have with you? That way people can tell when there’s a fellow gamer in their midst and they can start up a match. Personally, I …

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best fist drawing ever

I’ve never seen a better fist illustration. And guess where it came from.KFC China. However, the site is terribly slow and clunky. The headline in the graphic reads “KFC. Changing for China. Creating the New Fast Food”. For more info on KFC’s campaign in China, go here.

what is it? #30

It’s the first 2007 edition of the insanely popular (at least with 4 people) “what is it?” what is it? Click here for the answer.

antartica volcano

This photo shows another reason why Antartica rocks. Gas and heat escape Mount Erebus melting snowcaps, thus creating crazy caves. Steam escaping from the caves create chimneys (shown here) as high as 60 feet. has a quick article with a small collection of amazing photos by by George Steinmetz.