Month: January 2007

sick setup

i love how the phone is hooked up to the ceiling. Oh yea, the 4 monitors and countless hard drives and such are cool, too. link to specs of build here.

which superhero are you?

I took one of those personality tests and I wound being Green Lantern. I think just about any artist or designer ends up being The Green Lantern. I’m happy to see Iron Man is #3. He’s cool. Green Lantern 70%Superman 70%Iron Man 65%Spider-Man 60%Hulk 55%Robin 52%The Flash 45%Batman 45%Supergirl 45% Click here to take the …

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e art prints on the way

There’s a new post over at my artist journal on subject:Gicle art prints on the way snippet:…The fella in the illustration is from a collection of 300 photos I purchased on ebay…. link to artist journal homepage permanent link to specific post

quirky cork dolls

little figures made from cork by Mamiko Kataoka (click on “archives” link). The idea of a cork doll sounds too crafty and clich to me. However, the scenes are extraordinarily photographed by Jun Sakano. The lighting and detailed attention to background elements in the photographs makes this series lively and successful.

foot mouse

Ever hear the joke about the blonde using a computer for the first time? She put the mouse on the floor and thought it worked like a gas pedal. Well, there’s different devices out there that allow for you to control computer functions with your feet. It makes sense. You use your hands when using …

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congrats Chicago Bears

Congrats to Lovie Smith, Rex Grossman, and the entire Chicago Bears team on their NFC Championship. Now, let’s win Super Bowl XLI! I’m proud to say that I have given Rex Grossman my full support since day one of pre-season. Not too many people in Chicago can make that claim.

tip of the day

Don’t drop your keys when walking through a revolving door. I made that mistake a couple days ago. It turns out that a keychain with a few keys makes for a nice door stop. I struggled a bit to get my keys unstuck.