Month: December 2006

city birds

Hans Slabbekoorn and Ardie den Boer-Visser of Leiden University have proven that city birds sing faster than rural birds. You can listen to the birds yourself. They have side by side comparisons. Go to the bottom and compare downtown Paris versus the rural area of Fontainebleu.

writing about art

I have a new artist journal post over at title: writing about art link to specific artist journal entry link to artist journal homepage

packaged art as art

I have a new artist journal post over at da old livejournal site. title: packaged art as art link to specific artist journal entrylink to artist journal homepage

what is it? #28

what is it? click here for the answer. Because it’s Christmas time, there will be another edition of “what is it” tomorrow. (I usually don’t do posts on the weekends.)

cardboard sculptures

When I first saw the image from yesterday’s post on the carpet, I thought they were made of cardboard. I’ve always been a fan of the Frank Gehry “Easy Edges” furniture line. I had the idea to do the same thing about 10 years ago and then a few months later I found out that …

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