Month: December 2006

best blog posts from 2006

It’s time to sum up what I think are the best blog posts of 2006. Here’s the awards: best rant Sears Tower is taller than Petronas Towers and Taipei 101 Petronas and Taipei 101 never knew what hit ’em. best photoshop job double Hancock now that’s a tall building best graphic design critique harolds …

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wooden camera

Olympus is developing a camera with a wooden shell. It is cypress wood compressed 2.5x its gravity weight (approximately 0.40.5 to more than 1) which makes it stronger than the ABS and polycarbonate resin-based plastics used on most camera cases! I was never a fan of Olympus cameras. Their designs are clunky, bloated, cartoon-like, and …

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fun alarm clock

did i just put the words, “fun” and “alarm clock” together? What’s wrong with me? It’s my first day back to work after having a couple days off for Christmas (even though the Chirstmas holiday continues through January 6). I’m dead tired and I’m talking about fun alarm clocks? I’m delirious. Well, here’s clocky from …

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villie park, Illinois

Christmas cards are in the mail! This year’s card is the 10th consecutive card! (Laura K, I don’t have your address.) While I was at the Villa Park Post Office, I noticed the return address on a fellow patron’s box. She wrote her home city as “Villie Park” rather than “Villa Park”. I got a …

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last minute gift ideas

Time is running out for Christmas shopping. I don’t know if the following item can be shipped to your house in time, but it’s worth a look