Month: November 2006

fun with stock photography

Here’s a new series: FUN WITH STOCK PHOTOGRAPHYI do a fair amount of stock photography searching at work. Might as well have some fun with it.

do you have a plasma torch?

I just like the way that question sounds. Google Images has a boatload of great plasma torch images. I am fascinated. I wish to download them all!

portable completely flat folding chair

Check out the Slimmy Chair by Frederic Debackere of born design. Slimmy was coined “the world’s slimmest chair” by Wallpaper Magazine (Flat: length: 4′-4″, Width: 2′-0″, Thick: 0′-3/8″). Yea, that’s right 0.375″ thick when folded up. It’s manufactured from one single sheet of 24″ x 108″ composite of PVC and aluminum.

mohawk monkey’s new friend

Please welcome Harry Monkey.(click in the window and Harry will move around! Or click and drag on Harry’s hand and you can swing him around.) (have fun) adopt your own virtual pet!