Month: October 2006

Frank Gehry clock is dumb

Fossil has partnered with the great architect, Frank Gehry, to produce the Frank Gehry clock. The Frank Gehry clock is very disappointing. It lacks any trace of imagination and creativity. It’s just a regular clock with hand-written numbers, slightly bent hour & minute hands, and Gehry’s sig. That’s it. Gehry has established such a strong …

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new post on livejournal #10

new artist journal post!“Language-based Art” In the post I give a quick overview of a new series and I discuss whether or not to put my signature on the Art. permanent link to post here.

world’s first skyscaper

This last Sunday, October 8, 2006, Chicago celebrated the 135th anniversary of the Chicago Fire. “Celebrate”? you ask. Why would a city celebrate such a tragic event? Since the Chicago Fire wiped out practically the entire city, it gave the city an empty slate to rebuild the city to great fame and notoriety. However, I …

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the new Frank Gehry building

The Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation lotsa glass. that’s nice. I’d like to see Gehry’s future work evolve more in this direction. The supports in the model look like their made of wood. I’m sure they will be steel. However, aethestically, I like the raw wood and glass better than metal and glass. ————————————————- This …

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