Month: October 2006

new ebay art

There are 11 new AIN’T paintings in my ebay store. Each one sells for $3. (Shipping is $0.39). WHAT A BARGAIN! Included in this batch is Francis Bacon, Chuck Close, Jasper Johns, Anselm Kiefer, Gustav Klimt, Lee Krasner, Barbara Kruger, Erik Maldre, Gerhard Richter, Julian Schnabel, ? Skrypeck, and Frank Stella. I received a request …

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orange juice conspiracy

I don’t like to shake my orange juice before pouring because I believe that some of it evaporates when you shake it. That’s why it gets so bubbly; that’s the OJ evaporating. ——————————————— ———————————————

more paper art

I can’t believe it’s paper. artist: Richard Sweeney He has a nice collection of work on flickr. His work on flickr can be classified into categories:1. biomorphic-is-that-really-paper paper sculptures2. tripped-out lighting on pleated folds3. playing with shadows entering window hitting simply-cut paper All three categories have beautiful formal qualities.

folded paper art

Check out Yuko Nishimura’s folded paper art. It’s amazing to thing that this is simply a sheet of paper. That’s it. One sheet of paper. Those Japanese sure know how to fold paper.

fold-away kitchen

It’s a fold-away kitchen from Yanko Design. Looks kinda fun. Though I’m not sure how much space this really saves, because the depth of the table and chairs remain the same. It’s just a matter of sliding the units out from their storage space when used. It’s not like a foldaway bed where you PULL …

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complex origami folds

Origami gone crazy. Talk about complicated folds. This stuff is nuts! It’s a Japanese site, so don’t be afraid of all the question mark characters. The artist put English descriptions next to each item. It’s a shame that the photographs are such poor quality. These pieces would look 100 times better with some decent light …

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