Month: September 2006

big ol’ baseball hats

what’s up with this baseball hats with the big team logos. Looks a bit goofie to me. buy one of these hats if you dare. $35. whoa. 35 bucks. that’s right. they must be charging you for all the extra string they used in the logo stitiching.

Matt Murton spitting

I was at the Cubs game on Sunday September 3rd in the bleachers. Here’s one of the photos I took. Check out Matt Murton’s loogy. awesome.

keyboard organizer

Get a load of this. I’m surprised no one has thought of this before. A keyboard that has built-in storage. I’ve seen little stands to put your keyboard on where you can hide notepads, paperclips and sticks of dynomite, but i’ve never seen the actual keyboard with storage built-in. snap. Though I’m not sure what …

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octopus hot dogs

The world has been waiting for this. The Octodog. Their list of dealers is a bit odd. Apparently the only place in Illinois where you can buy this is at a pool store in Rockford.