Month: September 2006

french fry art

friday treat. Here is the #2 result in Google images for: french fry. The image was originated at, a blog by one Moira Burke at Carnegie Mellon.

new post on livejournal #9

There’s a new post on my artist journal. It covers the documentary, “American Masters: Sketches of Frank Gehry”. The post is broken down into four topics: 1. the little people2. Julian Schnabel is great3. the villian4. touchy-feely link to artist journal homepage

describing an icon

My brother’s AIM icon was set to default. I was describing what the icon looked like. You are really forced to study the attributes of an icon when you are asked what it is. Here’s what how I described the default AIM icon:it’s only a person with a white head (no face, no hair), a …

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mac mini in a pelican case

I’m really digging this setup that professional photographer, Andy Franck, built. It’s essentially a mac mini in a Pelican case complete with 20″ flat screen monitor, keyboard/mouse, exhaust fans, and power strip electical supply. posted a link to this. There’s quite a few mean-spirited comments. People don’t understand how useful this rig is for …

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infiniti and acura logos

The other day I saw an Infiniti and Acura next to each other in the parking lot. It was interesting to compare their logos. Both are circular in nature implying a race track or endless innovation. Both have elements in the center that point upward implying peak performance and that they’re at the zenith. The …

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pixel weather

Here’s a new installment on the unlikelymoose blog: PIXEL WEATHER. Here’s the current weather condition in Oakbrook Terrace, IL: websafe color: ccccccrgb: r204 g204 b204

new post on livejournal #8

Here’s a snippet from the my latest artist journal entry: “New series: art with maps“ It’s curious to see the borders of different cities. I grew up on the edge of Chicago near some southwestern suburbs. It was always interesting to note which… (rest of entry) homepage for unlikelymoose artist livejournal

double Hancock made a cool post about doubling the Aon building’s height. It’s inspired by the fact that Aon’s neighbor, the Blue Cross building, will actually be doubling its height over the next couple years. He asked for a Double Hancock. Well, here you go. Watch it animate here.