Month: August 2006

my other blog

that’s right. i started another blog. why? because i’m insane and there’s no way i can possibly keep up with two blogs. ch, ch, check it out:

blogs are like artists

Recently the unlikely moose blog has received some criticism from one commenter whose alias references a certain starchy food product. This starchy food product person questioned the nature of the recent “chisel(s)” blog entries. I was quick to respond that a good blog often is like a quality museum that showcases a wide variety of …

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You know how all computer data can be broken down into units of zeros and ones, right? Well I think it would be much cooler to use the letters in the word “data” instead of zeros and ones. It’s much more fun to read that way. datadatdatdaatatattaddatatdataddatatttataaaaatttatatdatadtadtatadaatdatatdatdadddtttatdatadatdadatatdatadatadadatadataaatadttatdatadadatatdadadadatatdddadatatadadatadatadatadaataatatadadatatttaa


I don’t know how people can operate a jackhammer in the early hours of a day. I’d jackhammer my toes off.

august 4th birthdays

Here’s a complete list of celebrities, sports stars, and such who were born on August 4: “The Queen Mother”, Elizabeth – August/04/1900Addy, Wesley – August/04/1913Alsace, Gene – August/04/1902Anderson, V, Jamie – August/04/1976Armstrong, Louis “Satchmo” – August/04/1901Bagolini, Silvio – August/04/1914Bigham, Lexie – August/04/1968Busch, Kurt – August/04/1978Cavalera, Max – August/04/1969Chappell, Crystal – August/04/1965Christian-Jaque, – August/04/1904Clemens, Roger – …

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cool fish aquarium

Quite a ways back, I posted about an interesting alternative fish aquarium. Here’s an even cooler fish tank. The sides of the tank are pushed inwards to create interior terrain. And this one looks more practical than the other figure-8 design. It has a filter and pop-off top for easy cleaning. Benjamin Graindorge is the …

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banana or bannanna

Does one unpeel a banana or peel a banana? I like to say unpeel even though it’s gramatically incorrect. And I always want to add double “n”s when spelling banana. Bannana or bananna. thanks to Sally A. Goldman over at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis for the …

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