Month: August 2006

SPELLING SPILLS: dynomite or dynamite

Did you know that any of a class of powerful explosives composed of nitroglycerin or ammonium nitrate dispersed in an absorbent medium with a combustible dope, such as wood pulp, and an antacid, such as calcium carbonate, used in blasting and mining is spelled “dynamite”, not “dynomite”?


What’s Dynamite Week without Jimmy Walker? Now c’mon!! Firstly, I learned that it’s Jimmie, not Jimmy. Let’s get that straight.Now, let’s visit Jimmie J.J. Walker’s website. When you visit, you are greeted by a simple flash intro with two sticks of dynamite shaped like the letters “J” and “J”. These Jsticks explode after about …

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new post on livejournal #1

I’m still deciding how and where i want to post my artist journal. For right now I will use my livejournal account as my artist journal. There’s a new post there now.

dada poems

Alberto Ros shows how to make a dada poem. Basically, you cut up the words from a newspaper and randomly select the words. Though a much easier way would be to close your eyes, wave your finger in the air like you don’t care, then randomly land your finger on the newspaper, then write down …

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creepy animal masks

These are some of the creepiest masks. The photography definitely adds to the drama. People in black shirts wearing animal masks. Some of the masks you can see the person’s eyes, some you cannot. I can’t figure out which way is creepier. There’s a gorilla mask in the group, but i wouldn’t say the gorilla …

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that’s so gorilla!

Here’s a new slang term that’s going to sweep the nation. You’ve heard (seen) it here first. You can claim that you’re among the first to use the latest slang. Are you ready for it? Ok here it is: GORILLA When is the appropriate time to use the term “gorilla”? Well, any time you think …

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