Month: August 2006

gloves heated by usb

is there someone at your office that is always hot and cranking up the AC so your office/cube becomes an arctic island? Then this is the product for you! Heated gloves! Where does the heat come from? Well, the heat is supplied via your USB port on your computer. Just don’t walk too far away …

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links page updated

The links page on has been updated. enjoy. If you know me and have a website/blog/profile page that I forgot about, and would like to add it to my links list, then please let me know. I know a couple people who have websites/blogs, but I’m not sure if they want them to be …

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bacon wallet

get your very own bacon wallet for 8 bucks! yummy. Now this one kinda turns my stomach: bacon band-aids.

new homepage

There’s a new design on the homepage. Gone is the clunky, overdesigned gray boxes. The new design is open and clean which better matches the rest of the site. If you still see gray boxes, then hit the refresh button in your browser.

remote controlled snake

What will they think of next?! Here’s a remote controlled snake. I love the concept behind this, but I’m afraid I’d be terribly disappointed if I saw one of these in person. I bet they have wheels on their underbelly. That would seriously be cheating.

animal of the month: gorilla

Oh. it’s end of August and I haven’t officially announced the unlikely moose animal of the month. You can guess from August 15th blog post that yes, indeed, the gorilla is the August unlikely moose animal of the month. Congrats to all the gorillas of the world. Gorillas are so gorilla!

Dynamite magazine

Remember Dynamite magazine. We got Dynamite magazine in 4th or 5th grade at Hope Lutheran School, Chicago in the mid 1980s through the Scholastic Book Club. Dynamite magazine. classic 80s. classic. Links to Dynamite Magazine: jsikes on tripod: he even has a scan of the Bummers cartoon. again, classic. There’s some cover images of the …

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