Month: July 2006

chuckles on ebay

I did a search on ebay for chuckles and there’s quite a variety of items. Items include: Chuckles the stuffed canterbury bear Three Chuckles “mega rare” 1956 LP box of 24 Chuckles candy 1987 G.I.Joe action figure named Chuckles (he was the dope that wore the Hawaiian shirt) Chuckles, a 22″ doll from the 1920s …

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DC Comic stamps

How fast will these stamps sell? In a flash! They hit Post Offices July 20th! Get in line! I will! WHAM! BAM! POW! Let’s see who’s represented on the DC Comics stamps. Each of the following have two different stamps: Superman, Green Latern, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Batman, Flash, PlasticMan, AquaMan, Supergirl, and Hawkman. I’m …

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2006 all-star game gripes

I have a few geezer gripes with this year’s MLB all-star game played last night: 1. Bud selig got the roberto clemente tribute all wrong. He was focusing on “all clemente’s fans in the US”. He should have been talking about all his fans in the U.S. AND the latin countries. Clemente is the ultimate …

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animal of the month: capybara

Now announcing the Unlikely Moose Animal of Month for June 2006: capybara Congrats to the capybara. I was able to witness a capybara firsthand in San Diego. They are the world’s largest rodents. They’re like a giant hamster. How cool is that. capybara links: video of cabybaras feeding videos of capybaras swimming wikipedia’s entry on …

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spelling of missle or missile

My whole life I thought that an object or weapon that is fired, thrown, dropped, or otherwise projected at a target was spelled “missle“. I just learned that it is actually spelled “missile“.