Month: July 2006

erik on the internet

overture is neat. you type in a word and it tells you how popular it is on the internet. For kicks I typed in “erik”. Erik gets a ranking of 77951.Here’s the top six Eriks on overture: 4827 erik von detten4614 erik ellington4464 erik erikson3980 erik johnson3935 erik santos3538 erik estrada There’s a pretty good …

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new wayfinding techniques at barbican arts centre

The new wayfinding techniques at the Barbican Arts Centre heightens the Arts Centre’s space dramatically. Cartlidge Levene designed the new signage. (link here. Go to “Recent Projects” and click on “Barbican Arts Centre signage”.) The new “signage” at the Barbican Arts Centre is a fascinating study in providing wayfinding orientation. The function of wayfinding signage …

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california energy needs

California has been going through some massive heat waves and suffering constant blackouts. You can monitor in realtime how close California gets to maxxing out their power supply. They need to get Mayor Daley over there and kick some Electricity Company butt.

why the Cubs suck

The Cubs are a bad team. They do stupid things that result in lost games. Here’s a perfect example: Tonight’s game (7/21/2006) vs. the Washington Nationals8th Inning Cubs 6 Nationals 4Eyre leaves after getting one out. His donut-eating ways have caught up to him and he threw his back out. I’m bet he’s glad now …

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what is it? #20

The “what is it” enterprise is expanding its trivial base. Look for future renovations to come.

greg maddux roger clemens matchup

What a night for baseball. Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens will hook up tonight at 7:05 with their combined 667 career wins. Here’s an interesting trivia question. When was the last time two pitchers faced each other with more combined career wins? Click on “comments” link for the answer.