Month: June 2006

jungle cats do not eat apples

There’s been some nasty rumors going around the internet claiming that jungle cats eat apples. Do not believe these rumors. They are sensationalistic and completely false. This tiger is displaying proper interaction when presented with a basket of apples. He ignores them. Thank you and good day.

lois lane man hands

What’s up with the giant man-hands Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) is sporting in this Superman banner ad? They are huge. They cover Superman’s entire shoulder. The photo is so dark. There’s shadows everywhere. You can barely see Superman’s face. A majority of Lois Lane is in shadows. But not that giant Lois Lane man hand. …

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doormat leash

doormat on a leash. makes you think a little. Thanks to Thomas Meyer (Ostkreuz) for photographing this and for posting the photo.