Month: May 2006

jelly donut paintings

Good Monday. Jelly donuts never looked so luscious thanks to Emily Evelenth represented by Danese Gallery More of Evenlenth’s paintins over at


I was at the Cubs game yesterday. I don’t know if you heard about it, but Neifi Perez (Mister .197 batting average) tried bunting in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and runners on first and third with the score 5-3. Yea, he bunted. Yea, bunting will do absolutely nothing when you’re down …


what is the vacuum saying?

I was vacuuming my keyboard with a text editting program open. Here’s what the vacuum was saying: mvy6v65./9o=/9/9//963/638001144+-/*//~+98.0607.8760870\=]-{=pol98nu7n n6y y6b gv fccdsza1q1aq z4rff drv4 rtbthyn6 uj7mku,8 i.lo90. op0;. -=]\+ ==]8ILI7UJ6Y5HY6U YIU,8K UJYY UYI,8KI UY YUIO POI UY UIOP09800-=0[- B YB5BTG GVT5G GV4T55VB RGFE78UJ657898I7UJ6YH5567890-=-098667890-=0-09876Y6Y7890-=0/.N6 M,KMJYHB BTNYMU,II.OP

ant removal techniques

There is a giant ant hill in my backyard. I am looking to remove it. seemed like a good place to start. Look up some products. Go to those products’ websites and see what else they have to say. Well, Home Depot wasn’t much help. They only sell the ant spray. But they do …

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baseball drawings on MSN shopping

Three of my drawings have made it to the first page (of five) on MSN Shopping for: Home > Home Furnishings > Art, Prints & Posters > Drawings > $70 – $75 Thanks, MSN Shopping.