Month: March 2006

different uses for usb

get a load of all the different uses for usb. The lock is brilliant. The only way you can use the usb device is if you unlock the lock. However, the locking mechanism (u-shape) doesn’t come completely off, so in reality it would be difficult to actually make this device happen. I’m also digging the …

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ethernet cable toy figures claims these wired figures were made with CAT5 ethernet cables. I’ve done never seen CAT5 cables that can hold shape like this. Nonetheless, these little military figures are kinda neat. Best of all, the watermark on each image mentions a Russian website and an Estonian website. We all know that the Estonians are the …

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laser engraver

oh. i so badly want my own laser engraver. I had to do a ton of digging around just to find a site that lists a price. These guys sell the Epilog Mini 18 for $9,995. Or i could lease to own one for $202/month. I wish I didn’t buy a new car in September. …

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Jell-O sculpture or Jello sculpture

An entire city made out of Jell-O! It’s called “San Jellocisco” by Elizabeth Hickok here’s a video of the Jello sculpture shaking. Cuz, y’know it’s San Francisco and it’s an earthquake. brillant.