Month: March 2006

Abstract Paintings for sale!

7 NEW ABSTRACT PAINTINGS FOR SALE! ARTIST STATEMENT: The Picture in Picture series is a study in the relationship between organic and geometric representations and the idiosyncrasies within these elements. The soothing, yet ebullient surface of the paintings create the groundwork for the ethereal atmosphere consuming the entire surface. Yet the earthy use of browns, …

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royal flush

I was digging around my photos archive and i came across this photo of the royal flush I received in XBox Live’s Bicycle Casino. I was so excited to get a royal flush that I had to run and grab the camera and capture the moment. It was sa-weet. ————————————————————————— you want to win at …

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Illustrator grid illusion

I was designing some credit card textures in Illustrator and I accidentally created this funky visual illusion. See how the grid on the bottom (with the bounding box active) looks crooked and un-square-like? The grid at the top is exactly the same but with the bounding box turned off.

John Reuter-Pacyna Art

FLASHBACKI was cruising the Roy Boyd Gallery the other day and I came across a blast from the past. John Reuter-Pacyna is represented by Roy Boyd. My very first graphic design teacher was Reuter-Pacyna. My parents enrolled my brother and I in a pre-college design course at The School of the Art Institute in 1992. …

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ipod vs. cassette

here’s a fun side-by-side comparison of ipods and cassettes. Perhaps the most interesting thing they mention is the lifespan of each device. It’s interesting to think that an ipod may only have a lifespan of 3 years (extent of the applecare warranty) whereas a cassette can easily last 30 years (if stored properly.)

yea just like that

A simple law governs the formal events in the paintings of Markus Linnenbrink: bands form on a plane logically and with natural ease. The basic given is formulated and proven by means of continual changes in materials and perspectives, supplemented by an availability of potential procedures. i love art talk.