Month: February 2006

shawon dunston is back!

who let shawon dunston back in the majors? Check out this mug. He is going under the alias of Angel Berroa. “Angel” is now playing for the Kansas City Royals. Guess what position he plays. Shortstop. Welcome back to Major League Baseball, Shawon. Good luck with the Royals this year.

wooden usb memory flash drives

get a USB flash drive that looks like a stick. by ooms in association with Karin van Lieshout available in 128 MB (73 euros)256 MB (95 euros), 512 MB (126 euros), and 1 GB (190 euros). pdf brochure here buy them here

harmon killebrew baseball card on google

I am happy to report that a Harmon Killebrew baseball card has appeared as the #4 result for a google image search for “baseball card”. Congrats Harmon! (I collect Harmon Killebrew baseball cards). Who’s #1 in the search results? Hudson Street, a pitcher for the University of Texas Longhorns. Go figure.