Month: January 2006

ah and eh

from an IM conversation with spudart: yikesmoose (3:28:14 PM): this’ll be my 8th reviewyikesmoose (3:28:54 PM): actually that’s not true. there were two or three years in a row where i didn’t have a review cuz the company wasn’t handing out bonuses or raisesspudart (3:29:11 PM): ahyikesmoose (3:31:39 PM): that’s andrea’s old initials: ahyikesmoose (3:31:46 …

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mars rover SUV

I know this is old news, but i just found out that we’re celebrating the two year anniversary of the Mars rovers’, Spirit and Opportunity, expedition on Mars. I applaud NASA for successfully implementing this job; especially since they only had a life expectancy of 90 days. We have received some wonderful photographs as a …

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eric maldre

it’s always fun to google friends’, family members’, and colleagues’ names. I decided to google myself, but i was curious to see what would come up if i spelled my first name wrong. So i googled “eric maldre” and may God bless Google. Above the results list was this: “Did you mean: erik maldre?” Google’s …

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steeler baby

you just gotta see this if you have time, watch the videos and read the Q&A. classic. I was going to pull for the Seahawks, but now my team of favor might be shifting.

champagne cork chairs #1

chairs made out of champagne corks, labels, and wire. brillant. I love it. has 46 champagne chairs on display. They all look great. The winning entry is very nice. So simple, yet so striking. Though I bet some of the other contestants weren’t too happy to see that one win. Some of the chairs …

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big old hard drive

get a load of this 40MB $40,000 hard drive from 1985. The $400 6 GB drive in the background is actually a CompactFlash drive (used in digital cameras and such) which explains its unusual price.

cool creepy scarey art

I have never liked shock value Art. I don’t like watching horror movies. Heck, I don’t even enjoy watching dramas on television. Yet, Jeremy Forson’s artwork is very intriguing. Forson’s art is creepy; I’ll start with that. There’s a high level of quality in his work, but that can’t be the sole reason for my …

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