2006 all-star game gripes

I have a few geezer gripes with this year’s MLB all-star game played last night:

1. Bud selig got the roberto clemente tribute all wrong. He was focusing on “all clemente’s fans in the US”. He should have been talking about all his fans in the U.S. AND the latin countries. Clemente is the ultimate sports figure in the Latin countries. Not once did Selig mention how Clemente is an inspiration to all of today’s latin players. He completely missed the mark on his tribute speech.

2. joe buck was being very disrespectful to clemente’s wife. Following Selig’s speech, Mrs. Clemente gave a very nice speech. When she finished, Joe Buck said, “thank you” very quickly then he immediately turned to the crowd and yelled out “are you having a good time? let’s go to the bottom of the 5th and play some baseball”.

3. I’m not a big fan of MLB using the middle innings to do their tribute. It’s nice to do, say every 10 years, but not every stinkin’ year. It loses its impact and only slows the game down.

4. and what’s up with pittsburgh hosting their last all-star game in 1994? only 12 years between hosting gigs? that ain’t fair. I don’t care if they have a new, fancy stadium or not. They need to wait 30 years like everyone else to get another hosting gig.

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Mark R
Mark R
13 years ago

I didn’t pay too much attention to Selig’s speech so I can’t really comment on it one way or the other. However, I thought the same thing about Joe Buck after Vera Clemente’s speech. They took the spotlight off of her and the award immediately after she finished speaking. A couple polite questions or small talk would have been appropriate and made for a much smoother transition. And what’s with Joe Buck calling her Vera??? Unless Joe is really good friends with the family, it would have been more respectful to call her Mrs. Clemente or something like that. I… Read more »

Matt Maldre
13 years ago

1. I was at work when Selig was giving that award. But I left work before it started. I was tempted to stay, cuz I knew Selig would mess it up somehow. 2. Joe Buck is cooler than anything else. So he can say what he wants, when he wants. he’s Joe Buck. How about that part of the game where hey announced Fox signed a deal with MLB that extends their contract for SEVEN years. He was all giddy. Seven more years of me! 3. It’s mlb trying to make baseball like entertainment–breaking things up. LIke interviewing a manager… Read more »

Joe Buck
Joe Buck
13 years ago

1. Selig is an idiot.
2. Disrepectful? What? Me? If anything they should be paying respect to me–JOE BUCK.
3. The middle inning tributes are great, because it gives me a chance to go pee pee.
4. Nothing is fair. e.g. I am baseball announcer and you are not.

And that’s the truth, cuz I–JOE BUCK–sayz so.

Mark R
Mark R
13 years ago

Joe Buck has some evil looking eyebrows in that picture. And look how straight they are…

It’s gotta be the result of too much plucking, waxing, and man-scaping.

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