Month: December 2005

dziggetai : animal of the day

Presenting the first installment of: ANIMAL OF THE DAY: dziggetai Since this post is being made on the very last day of 2005 and since this is the first installment of the series, then the dziggetai becomes the default UNLIKELYMOOSE.COM ANIMAL OF THE YEAR! Hooray! dziggetai infoalso known as the Gobi Wildesel or Khulanwild mongolian …

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ultimate couch

Domino’s was selling the “Domino’s Pizza Man Cave Couch” for $30,000, plus a mere $5000-$7000 for shipping. Here’s what it has: * Two flat panel screen televisions * DVD player * Mini refrigerator * Xbox with three controllers * Electric Red MP3 player * XM Radio with one year of free service * NEXTEL cellular …

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Watch Asimo run

Asimo, the wonder robot, can now run up to 6 km/hr and 5 km/hr while cornering. I watched the video of him cornering and it looks like he’s sneaking around someone’s house rather than running. But I’m proud of the lil’ Asimo. I saw him on TV about a year ago when Honda was trying …

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letter y

I love how the “y” and “?” get all snuggly in AOL Instant Messenger when using Lucida Grande at 10 point. It’s a classic case of bad kerning, but it’s very symbolic. The letter “y” is often used to communicate the word “why” which can be, in turn, represented by a “?”. It makes sense …

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T206 Moose McCormick Tobacco card

I like this baseball tobacco card of Moose McCormick. And it’s not just because his name is Moose. The composition of the card is great. He’s popping out the side of the card. He played Right Field for the New York Giants.Here’s Moose’s lifetime stats

lithuanian linen

a little tidbit Lithuanian linen: one of the oldest textile fabrics in the world, linen is made from fibers of the flax plant. linen fibers are much stronger and more lustrous than cotton, and linen fabric is cool and absorbent. production of linen is highly ecological, and uses five to twenty times less water and …

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