Month: November 2005

bamboo socks

that’s right… socks made out of bamboo. $15 for 3 pairs. Pretty good deal. Only at Moseau.I’m putting these puppies on my christmas list. They list 10 reasons why Moseau socks are great (i like reason number 10): 10) So soft, your feet will never want to leave 9) They let your feet breathe, and …

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lamps to change color to match anything

Hold something in front of these lamps, and the lamp shade will change to the color of the object. There’s a standard light bulb inside, surrounded by a ring of LEDs which project the color onto the shade. These lamps will be released sometime next year by Philips.

now this is art

The Tantamounter. It’s a bunch of Vienna artists in a giant plywood box. You put an object, any object, into the box. A few minutes to an hour later, you get two objects back: your original and a piece of artwork that is inspired by your object. And it’s all for free! People have put …

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lego camera

That’s right, boys and girls. You heard it! A LEGO CAMERA. It’s a 35mm pinhole lego camera. What’s a pinhole camera? has some photos and explains it. Though it takes a big of reading. They are kinda techie.wikipedia has a nice overview of pinhole cameras. Basically, you have box with a tiny hole in …

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colored soap bubbles!

Popular Science has a nice article on one man’s journey to created colored bubbles. If you’re a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll like the read on how this guy experimented in his kitchen for years in search of the colored bubbles. If you’re a bit of the science techie, you’ll enjoy how he was …

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laptops with cranks

TUNIS, Tunisia–A hand-cranked laptop was introduced by MIT Media Lab Chairman Nicholas Negroponte. It will cost roughly $100 (prolly $115) and is expected to be in the hands of schoolchildren in poorer countries by late 2006. Only available for schoolkids. “This is truly a moving experience,” said U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who showed up at …

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