Month: October 2005

andre dawson coin

Just recently, I heard someone say they didn’t like Andre Dawson. It was just an ignorant Sox fan. How can any red-blooded American not like Andre Dawson? He’s the Abraham Lincoln of baseball. In fact, the U.S. Government should come out with a new monetary unit. The 8 cent Dawson coin. (8 cents because Andre …

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explosion photos

What red-blodded American doesn’t enjoy a nice explosion? I particularly enjoy the first result from a google image search for “explosion“. It’s a photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (WFPC2) of Nebula M1-67 around star WR124. Now there’s an explosion! Gotta love NASA.

dirty white socks

So the White Sox are going to the World Series. Does this mean that the price of white socks will go up in the Chicago area?

bouncing panda Flash game

Here’s a fun, little Flash game. You have two squirrels controlling a trampoline with a bouncing panda who is grabbing as much fruit and bamboos as possible. It’s all in Japanese, so you’ll just to blindly click on links to get the game going. To start the game, you’ll need to click on the sitting …

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clear button on calculators

whenever I begin using a calculator, I like to hit the clear button at least 4 times. I guess hitting it once works, but some reason I feel like i get a better starting point by hitting the clear button multiple times.

custom branding irons

I’ve been doing quite a bit of woodburning (or pyrography as the pros call it) work lately. I want to easily brand the back of each wood piece with my name, website, and possibly logo. I’ve found it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely do-able. BRAND NEW INDUSTRIES custom branding iron (can use custom clip art …

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