Month: October 2005

mlb head shots

i’m gonna try and save all the head shots of the major league baseball players from Though I’m not sure what file name structure I should use: lastname_firstname_number_position_team.jpg team_lastname_firstname_number_position_team.jpg team_position_lastname_firstname_number.jpg position_team_lastname_firstname_number.jpg position_lastname_firstname_team_number.jpg

inflatable moose!

where to buy an inflatable $ $ 20 $ 20 pounds inflatable bullwinkle the moose $9.99

cheap oil pastels

Looking for some affordable oil pastels? Go to I bought a 60 pack for only $6! That’s incredible! sells a bunch of oil pastels, but they are much more expensive. Hobby Lobby has a 60 pack for $6 as well. Sorry, no link to Hobby Lobby oil pastels. You’ll have to go to …

cheap oil pastels

library librarian jokes

Those crazy librarians. They make the best jokes. They are so silly. They are so funny. This is one of my favorites, “NO SUCH THING: Try using correct SPELLING!” Oh man, who comes up with this stuff. I can’t stop laughing. Phew!