Month: September 2005

Kenneth Cole watch review #2

H. Kenneth Cole 3485 $125another simple watch. This one has a rectangle face which is quite trendy these days. I still need to decide if the numbers, “12”, “3”, “6”, and “9” are too big. The numbers are the same size as watch “I”. However, the quadrupled amount of numbers on this watch may look …

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round tech watch review

F. Kenneth Cole “Going in Circles” $85I think this watch is very sharp. I’m digging on the font used for the numbers. It is almost identical to the font used in the logo. And the numbers are just the right size. I’m glad they didn’t make the numbers too big. Too many watches out …

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Diesel watch review #2

E. Diesel DZ4066 $150just plain cool. I’m trying to decide if I would look too metro with this watch. I tried this watch on at Fields. It’s a little thick (depth-wise). This Diesel watch is able to look completely modern and trendy, yet still have a strong sense of nostalgia. link to post showing all …

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Diesel watch review #1

D. Diesel DZ064 $150this watch flirts with the idea of being a busy watch like the Nighthawk, but it is able to retain a simple elegance. Quite a successful harmonious balance. link to post showing all 15 watches in this review

Diesel watch with leather band review

C. Diesel DZ2062 $85clean, retro design on watch face. very sharp. Though band is leather. Big points knocked off for non-steel bands. link to post showing all 15 watches in this review

shopping for a watch?

I’ve been looking around for watches lately. I’ve been scouring the internet and hitting the malls. I’ve found the very best place to look for men’s watches is at Marshall Fields. Their selection is enormous. They even break up their watches into two sections. The first section is right inside the entrance. Those are the …

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