Month: August 2005


Double hot-dip galvanized in molten zinc with a cherry on top

crazy magnet ball

Here’s a huge magnet ball you can buy for $77. Ouch. That’s alotta money. It’s still a cool thing to look at. Be sure to click on the product photo on that page to see a larger photo of the “SUPERBALL” magnet ball. (Actually the SUPERBALL consists of 288 tube magnets and 136 Steel Balls …

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Whoppers candy bad. Whoppers pie good.

I absolutely hate Whoppers candy. I can’t stand the texture. It’s so chalky. Yuck! I absolutely love Whoppers pie. I can’t think of a pie or cake that I enjoy more. Whopper pie rules. I’ll have to track down the recipe. My wife made it last weekend. It has icecream and whoppers in it.

browsable dictionary

This is gonna sound real stupid, but for the longest time I had troubles finding a dictionary online that gave every single word in the respective dictionary available to browse. Most online dictionaries require you to type in a specific word. I just wanted to look at all the words at once. Today I found …

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modular shelves

Here’s a nifty modular shelving system by Huting and de Hoop. They’re Dutch. I can’t give a specific link to the page. Click on the “ONTWERPEN” link and you’ll see the thumbnail for the shelf. The wire shelf is neat, but not very practical. This modular shelf is more practical. I dig modular shelves. I …

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