Month: July 2005

chemical brothers

About a month ago I bought the Chemical Brothers‘ latest cd, “Push the Button”. The cd cover was interesting. I was hoping they would return to their more industrial well-mixed music like “Dig Your Own Hole” and one of my all-time favorites, “Brothers Gonna Work It Out”. More hard-hitting creative material. I was very disappointed. …

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civil war photos

The Library of Congress is great. On June 23, 2005 I made a post about the Jefferson Papers from the Library of Congress’ website. Yesterday I came across a hi-res civil war album. There are 200 individual photos in all. It’s the James Wadsworth album. He worked in the Lincoln White House. This page gives …

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search your name on google images.

Go to Google Images and do a search on your name. It’s fun. I did a search for my name, Erik. The first image is a photo of some guy apparently on fire. The second image is of Beeker from The Muppets!

couch made out of grass has instructions on how to make your very own grass sofa. The instructions are very detailed. They even have nice illustrations detailing the process. A laundry list of materials and tools are also provided. I’m’s thinking of checking out this Ready Made magazine. Only if my lawn could look as green as the lawn …

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Paul Klee in da haus!

The zentrum Paul Klee is now open! (open since June 20). If you happen to be in Bern, Switzerland, make sure you stop by. They have a collection of over 200 works by the great Paul Klee. The architecture of the Zentrum Paul Klee is interesting. There are three large mound-shapes that offer a spacious, …

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Elvis Post-It Notes

Here’s a tutorial on how to create an Elvis mosaic on your wall with just stickie Post-It Notes.Someone put this up in their office. Sounds like a cool place to work.