Month: July 2005

drawings on garbage has an “exhibiltion” of “rubbish drawings”. He brings rubbish to life. The intro is funny. haa ah aha aha a haha ha aha ahah aha ha (link fixed 8-1-2005)

pizza that

It’s fun to combine the word “pizza” with other words, then do a google search with that word combo. pizza rocket…….. pizza cup…….. pizza dreams…….. pizza scoop…….. pizza nickel…….. pizza pocket…….. pizza socks…….. pizza pizza…….. pizza bad…….. pizza John…….. pizza president…….. pizza bar…….. pizza hole

crazy food

The Museum of Food Anomalies offers up a glance of strange food occurences. Most are more gross than interesting. The image above is of a rabbit. I’m surprised that there aren’t any pretzel morphs. Or Goldfish cracker morphs.

yea right

i think it’s funny that when you combine those two positive words, “yea” and “right” to make “yea right”, that it is still technically positive, but culturally it’s a negative. It’s a double-positive-negative.

neat-o maps

I guess just started their new map service. It’s pretty slick. Virtual Earth lets you scroll through the map on the fly and zoom in and out on the fly. You just move your mouse on the map and it moves. There’s a scale for the zooming in and out. It is very …

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our society through its photos’s Random Personal Picture Finder offers a great collection of photos which capture our society. The Random Personal Picture Finder takes random file name formulas used by digital cameras and does a search in Google’s Image finder. Nikon likes to use the DSCN0000.jpg formula. So will insert a random number in that formula, like …

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