Month: June 2005

why are keyboards capped

Why are the letters on keyboards in capital letters? When I hit the “J” key, I don’t get a capital J. I get a lower case j. Keyboards should have lower case letters. ***banner photo is a photograph I took of a Powerbook G4***

Jeep Hurricane

“Ultimate Donut-Making Machine” Photos and links of the Jeep Hurricane——– has a nice article explaining exactly how the Jeep Hurricane works. There’s two nice studio photos of the Hurricane as well. Here’s the motherload of images. 30 wallpapers / desktop pictures ranging from 1024×768 to 1920×1440 nice ground-level perspective of the Jeep Hurricane. Cockeyed wheels …

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powerbook g5

I know this image is a few months old, but I just came across it for the first time. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if the new powerbooks were that size. I just want portability. It doesn’t have to be extreme portability. Then again, perhaps I could make my imac g5 more portable. I’ve only transported …

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fact of the day

Did you know that in October of 2000 the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) changed the official size of the ball from 38mm to 40mm? The goals to increase the length of rallies and increase the visibility of the ball for television have proven to be quite positive. If you haven’t had a chance to …

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Estonia art

Alot of Estonian art sites I encountered are in Estonian. surprise. surprise. There are some that have English translations. Here’s a few links: ———————————– This seems to be the big master list of Estonian galleries and museums. It really surprises me how many museums and galleries do not have websites. oh well. All the sites …

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From the crazy land of Belarus. more belarusian straw art.

cool table #1

This table is awesome. It’s a concept map of future Baghdad. I have been making similiar pieces of art. Though my work is much, much more crude. I have been carving out maps from big pieces of lumber. I have been using a Rotozip which creates a 1/4″ groove. They are pretty cool. So far …

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