Month: June 2005

how the batsuit works

Today is my wife and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary. In honor of my wife’s first word, “Batman”, here is a link about how the batsuit works from It’s true my wife’s very first word was “Batman”. Her older brother loved Batman and she kept hearing the word “Batman” over and over. So, instead of …

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ghost and bicycle

many caption possibilities. “Wear your helmet or else” “If only this thing had peddles” “If only I had feet to ride my bike” “Why am I obsessing over a bike? I can fly, right?” “This seat looks much too stiff” “I refuse to be this bicycle’s cover any more! Good bye, bike!”

fun furniture for kids

Incredibly fun furniture by Straight Line Designs. There are over 25 examples of individual pieces on their site. I have no idea how Judson Beaumont and his 8 fulltime craftspeople actually builds this stuff. He sites Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Warner Brothers, Pee Wee Herman, Phillipe Starke, and Frank Gehry as major influences.

metal hinged tin boxes

I’m having the hardest time finding metal hinged tin boxes on the internet. I looked on I looked on I even dug around thomas registry. I’m looking for the thin boxes that are anywhere from 4×6″ to 9×12″. Plenty of places offer the pill box variety. They’re the kind that you often see …

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cool sitting stools at Target

Here’s some cool stools available at Target. You screw off the top of the seat to reveal storage. This would be perfect for a kid’s room. 80 bucks is alot of money for a stool though. I’d pay $25 for this.

neat little cd player

Here’s a wall-mounted cd player. The speaker is cleverly placed around the cd.a nice, simple design. I could only find it on this English site. Any U.S. sellers out there? Mujilife is selling it for 80 pounds. Yikes! I’d pay no more than 40 bucks for it. Can it play MP3 files?

computer key stool is selling large computer key stools. they are pretty cool. Though you have to have just the right space for these things or else they’ll look dorky. They are hallow, so you can hid things under it, like a Mac Mini or your pet cat.

altering your perspective

Get a load of this chain link fence. I would like to see a close-up of where the “normal” links intersect with the crazy-patterned links. …UPDATE: The designers’ website offers a close-up. It’s hard to determine how this was constructed. I love the pattern on this fence for two reasons:1. The pattern of traditional repetitive …

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