Month: March 2005

Estonia on Alias

On the TV show, Alias, on ABC, they display the city that the next scene is set in. Estonia was one of the settings! Jennifer Garner’s sister got stabbed in the back in Estonia. Don’t worry. It wasn’t a good-natured Estonian who did the deed. It was some evil henchmen that just so happened to …

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xbox gamer tag photo

I posted a photo of myself on My tag is YIKESMOOSE. I painted my face while at a Chicago Cubs playoff game in 2003. After the game, I put my face on my scanner and got a couple spooky scans.

ban the wave, please!

While at the Bulls game last night, a case of The Wave broke out. I don’t know if The Wave is a common occurrence in the United Center, but it should stop immediately. Chicago sports fans DO NOT do the wave. That’s what I have been taught since I was a little toddler. I suppose …

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my first bulls game

Last night was my first Chicago Bulls game. I never went to see Michael Jordan play. Yes, that’s very sad. The Bulls handily defeated the worst team in the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks, 105-91. I went with a couple co-workers. We had very nice seats. We were about 20 rows behind the visitor’s basket. Some …

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etching at home

The Elmhurst Art Museum currently has an exhibit of works by Lee Sturges, a printmaker from Elmhurst, Illinois. My full review of the exhibition is in the works. I was doing a little research on Lee and found out that he built his own custom etching press in 1916. Printmaking was alot of fun in …

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