Month: February 2005

London advice?

My wife and I going to London soon. Does anyone have any travel advice? We’re gonna be there for a week.

quark xpress 7.0 preview

Quark is claiming it will release XPress 7.0 late 2005. They also claim that it will be “the most significant upgrade in the product’s history.” Suuuuuuure. It just sounds like quark is getting desperate. This article gives a tiny peek into the release. Nothing terribly juicy. Basically the type engine will be rebuilt and the …

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frank gehry gone mad

Perhaps Frank Gehry’s deconstructive, explosive architechtural aesthetic has gotten the best of him. This link shows Frank disturbingly excited about hoisting some Polish hockey trophy.

army redesigns uniforms

The U.S. Army has redesigned their uniforms. Here’s a short article that compares the new army fatigues with fashion designer, Bryan Bradley’s new camoflage digs. And here’s the Army’s full explanation of the new unis. some excerpts.“No added cost to Soldiers for additional sewing due to the use of hook and pile or pin-on patches, …

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dog judo!

Judo rocks. I think some day i will add a Judo page to my MORE section. I got hooked on Olympic Judo, I’m considering collecting the comic book, “Judo Master” from the 1960s. And now there is Dog Judo! There are four episodes of Dog Judo featuring ‘Ruff’ Rex Hunter and ‘Barking’ Bob Bones. They …

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Happy Birthday Honest Abe!

Happy Birthday to Abraham Lincoln!Actually, I’m wishing this happy birthday a day early. But I bet if Lincoln were still alive, he would be partying the entire weekend.