Month: January 2005

Darth Tater is coming

I’m surprised that spudart hasn’t picked up on this new product, Darth Tater. “No need to freeze your copy of The Empire Strikes Back DVD searching for spuds among the asteroids — Playskool brings the elusive Star Wars potato to you! This dark side incarnation of Mr. Potato — Darth Tater — comes with lightsaber, …

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Photo Book contest is printing a book of photographs and they are accepting photos until January 31st. Submit 4 photos that have never been “published” before including photoblog, portfolio site, online galleries, etc. It looks pretty simple. Give em a url to your photos that are 500 pixels (width or height). They prefer to have all 4 …

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Put Sandberg’s moustache in the Hall of Fame!

Wade Bogg’s ugly-a55 moustache is going in the Hall of Fame. Why not Sandberg’s? Here’s a link to some baseball cards with Sandberg’s moustache from 1987. (or was it 1988?) Then again, the moustache is a little too much like Jeff Kent. Yuck.


Congrats to Ryne Sandberg on entering the Hall of Fame! Sandberg should have been a first ballot HoFer. He’s the best second baseman in baseball history. Too many people compare his numbers to current players. That’s simply unfair. You must judge a player based on his era. Show me an infielder who had better OVERALL …


cool fish tank.

Fish tanks are cool. Alternative fish tanks are even cooler. Here’s one that encorporates a figure-8 shape. High style points awarded. Seriously low points for functionality: No filter! Booo! Shame on the Dutch! (It’s a Dutch design company.) And the tanks are “limited edition”… lah tee dah!