Month: January 2005


FINALLY! I have posted 11 new paintings on ebay. I call the series, “Animal Necktie”. Each painting features an animal wearing a necktie. You can find them on ebay searching for the term, “UNMOOSE”. Or you can click here. Why are these animals wearing neckties? Since the dawn of the human race, we have been …


24 karat gold computer

It’s a 24k computer. No, it’s not 24 kilobytes. It’s 24 karats! (The computer is rotated in the photo above to fit in the banner.) AVA Computers makes luxury, custom computers. Their website doesn’t look so luxurious. It’s a bit tacky. Then again, owning a 24 karat gold computer isn’t real classy.


Today I received an email from a dude in London asking a question about my macquarium. London! How cool is that! He wanted more info on the vase I used for the aquarium. I uploaded a photo of the barcode. The links section is updated and there’s a new logo on the splash page. Nothing …

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my eyes hurt

I am tired of websites that put large chunks of white type on black backgrounds. does it and so does Great sites, but hard to read. That’s funny cuz they are photography sites. You would think they would be sensitive to visual matters such as this.

ipod acessories galore

The iPod is a cultural phenomenon. What’s really amazing is to see all the iPod accessories available. I put together a bunch of iPod accessories on one page. So far there are over 80 iPod-related items. I included links at the bottom to all the photos. It’s quite remarkable to see all these accessories in …

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photoblog under construction

I have been going through my collection of digital photographs recently and I decided that I need to make my own photoblog. It’s interesting to see how others organize their photoblog. Just about everyone organizes them chronologically. This doesn’t entice me to look at their photoblog. The best sites are the ones that place their …

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monkeys monkeys monkeys!

Check out They have alot of monkeys. Monkey bags, monkey purses, monkey cards, monkey gift bags, monkey games, monkey hats, monkey masks, inflatable monkeys, monkey key chains, monkey clothing, monkey movies, monkey pens, monkey paper, monkey photos, monkey frames, stuffed animal monkeys, monkey puppets, t-shirts with monkeys on them, monkey toys, and of course …

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useful character count tool

I’m looking into building a photoblog section on my website. Photoshop offers a “Web Photo Gallery” tool. It doesn’t do everything I want, so I was playing around with alternative uses of what they offer. They have character fields and I wanted to see how many characters I could fit in the field. I developed …

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