Month: December 2004

$#%@!# Quark!

Finally Quark got it right. The photo on their homepage shows an angry man ready to put his fist through his computer screen. He’s saying “$%*(%#! Quark! I hate you!”

2nd best christmas cd ever

2nd best Christmas CD ever: “Christmas Chill”available at Pottery Barn for $10“Celebrate the season with this collection of Christmas classics remixed with a hip beat and cool attitude.”True Dat. All 12 songs are remixes. They infuse traditional instruments (trumpets, piano, etc.) with nice heavy, yet well arranged beats and sampling. I enjoy techno when the …

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2004 Christmas card preview #2

Go to and the splash screen shows a sneak peek into my 2004 christmas card. If you wish to receive my christmas card via snail mail, just forward me your mailing address. email to: yo >atsymbol< unlikelymoose >dot< com.

fire truck

We had a fire drill today at work. I got to walk down 24 flights of stairs. It wasn’t too bad. While we were waiting for the fire department to let us back up, I took the opportunity to check out the fire engine. I was surprised that no one else was interested. There’s alot …

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cool old fish

The Shedd Aquarium has an 80 year old fish. The Shedd is only 75 years! The fish arrived in time for the World’s Exposition which doesn’t make much sense to me. Cuz the World’s Columbian Exposition was in 1893. But it’s cool to say, nontheless. George Parsons, Shedd’s director of aquarium collections, seems to have …

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