Month: August 2004

2004 Olympics. Day 03. Gymnastics.

Sunday August 15… There’s only so much of gymnastics that I can take. And it’s only day 3 of the Olympics. Though there is one fun thing you can do while watching. Make different swoosh sounds for each event. I find that pummel horse is the best. Whoooooosh. Whooosh. swoosh. shwoosh. shooooooosh.

2004 Olympics. Day 02.

Saturday August 14… Andrea came up with a nice cheer when an American (or your favorite country) does something good. You pump your fist in the air ala Tiger Woods and say “Good Fun”.

monkey art

monkey art is cool. Fling monkeys are molded monkeys that artists customize. I came across this link today. And last night I made two monkey paintings. The second of which is perhaps the ugliest painting I have ever made, but you can’t go wrong when monkeys are your subject matter.


OLYMPICS FUNErki Nool (Estonian) won the decathalon gold in the 2000 olympics in Sydney. DECATHALON! That made him the world’s greatest athlete! When the news broke, I put up a sign in my apartment window. Looks like Erki’s only event in the 2004 Olympics is the Men’s “10-n”. Whatever that is. Looks like it’s some …

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In honor of the opening ceremony of Olympics, I am wearing my shirt with the Estonian colors. Be on the lookout for the entrance of Estonia during the ceremony tonight. Though freakin’ NBC always cuts to commercial when Estonia enters the stadium.

crazy old man illustration

I love the illustration on the masthead for He is an angry, old man who needed his postcards yesterday. And it’s a nice touch how they integrated him into the design. The background is a clean, subtle, almost slick graphic and then you have this wild cartoon character jumping around; all of which is …

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