Month: July 2004

ebay bet II

ebay bet II has begun. Matt Maldre and I have decided to sequelize the storied ebay bet. Laura Kesselring has a link to it. And Matt has a link to it. If you do a search on Google for “erik maldre”, those blasted links show up as #4 and #8. Laura and Matt destroyed me. …

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art on ebay

In the art section of ebay they have a “Top Ten List”:1. Modern Drawings 2. Modern American Paintings 3. Botanical Prints 4. Antique Drawings 5. Natural History Prints 6. Folk Art 7. Self-Representing Artists 8. Modern Limited Edition Prints 9. Antique European Paintings 10. Modern Sculpture, Carvings Botantical Prints is number 3? Really? Actually botantical …

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Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack is the best animated show ever. It is a visual treat that never lessens in quality for a second. The minimalist styling of all the characters are brilliant. The backgrounds complement the style of the characters yet introduce nice textures to help add mood. The animation itself is so fluid and smooth. Every …

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(Moose) Bulls on Parade

Moose like parades. Two Moose Crash July 4th Parade in Utah Sun Jul 4, 1:47 PM ET BRIGHTON, Utah – Everybody, and apparently every thing, loves a parade. Two young bull moose, each more than 6-feet tall and weighing hundreds of pounds, crashed Brighton’s Fourth of July celebration. The moose trotted up to Saturday’s festivities, …

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if the groundhog was a baseball player

If the groundhog that is living under my deck was a baseball player. He would be Scott Rolen. Just look at Rolen. He looks like a groundhog. I have a HUGE update to the groundhog news. More to come later.