Month: May 2004

sympathy for sosa

I have to sympathize with Sammy Sosa (threw his back out sneezing). I threw out my back coughing. It hurts like h.e.doublehockeysticks. I’ve been popping pain killers for a couple days now. I NEVER take drugs. And… I’m not a big Sosa fan. I own


Last summer, Andrea and I discovered that there was a groundhog living under our deck. I thought it was cool at first. I looked online and saw that groundhogs enjoy veggies. A couple times I threw it some carrots or berries. Though Andrea was not happy that I was feeding it blueberries. I guess blueberries …

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offensive hair

what’s up with this guy’s hair? It’s like two hair cuts in one. He can’t decide if he wants it relatively short like on the left or if it should be longer like on the right. It is very strange and annoying.Christopher Breen is editor of Macworld Mac 911 Weblog.

lifespan of cds and dvds

how long will burnable cds and dvds last? no one really knows because the materials used to manufacter cd/dvds change all the time, thus rendering any scientific study useless. However, here are some interesting tidbits I pulled from the article.-if you write on your cds, the pressure of your marker/pen may dent the sensitive aluminum …

lifespan of cds and dvds Read More » is available. i was thinking of registering for it. But really what would I do with it? It kinda falls into what i call the “Garfield” category. In grade school, kids I rode the bus with always asked me to draw Garfield. I hated drawing Garfield. It’s someone else’s character. Why do I want … Read More »