2004 Olympics. Day 09. Trampoline.

Saturday August 21… Trampoline. crazy, fun sport. I don’t know how this sport came about, but I’m sure it was the result of a drunken discussion at a sports bar. We need more Olympic events created as a result of intoxicated conversations.

Though trampoline seems to be missing something. They should be forced to juggle on the trampoline. somethin’. Or maybe they should have audience participation. Everyone is allowed to bring a basket of tomatos to the event and throw the tomatos at the competitors.

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Laura K.
19 years ago

i think the trick of the trampoline is being able to control yourself on it. it’s not a very stable apparatus.

Laura K.
19 years ago

you’d probably miss a lot. you’d aim for a person, but they’d be somewhere else in the air by the time the tomato reached them. i think throwing-tomatoes-at-trampoliners would be a whole separate sport in itself. the gold-medal-winner would have the highest rate of tomato-to-trampoliner contact.