1999 Christmas card

1999 Christmas card

I had the good fortune of taking photographs inside a giant 30 foot inflatable Santa. It was a bitterly cold winter night while I was photographing the well-lit exterior of this mega-Santa on a Christmas tree lot. To my surprise, a man came out from the trailer at the end of the tree lot and asked if I wanted to photograph the inside. After finishing my interior shots he invited me inside the trailer. I was a bit skeptical, but I was also freezing cold and desperately needed warmth. I accepted and was warmly welcomed by his family inside. I remember talking with the lot owner’s son about all the inflatable creatures they have. His favorite was the dinosaur.

Three photographs from this shoot are featured in 1999’s card. One is the exterior of Santa, and two are from Santa’s inside. The envelope was made from red vinyl, black tape, and white tape to mimick the inflatable Santa.

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