1990 Donruss wax pack

I was at the dollar store and couldn’t pass up buying this 1990 Donruss wax pack. The official label is called “Donruss Baseball Puzzle and Cards”. It was inside a sealed plastic bag.

1990 was the height of my baseball card collecting days so it has some sentimental value for me. This pack retailed for 50 cents. Twenty-one years later I paid double. That’s fine. I’m not buying this thing for any monetary value. My brother once said, “the value of the cardboard is higher than the value of most 1990 baseball cards.” That’s so true. And I know it’s not smart to spend money on any old wax packs because it’s supposedly incredibly easy to open packs, take out any (if any) valuable cards and reseal the pack. (The packaging IS wax after all.)

With that said, I couldn’t resist buying it. The last few years I developed an interest in the design of baseball card packs. No one in the industry really pays attention to that. So I’m happy to get this very familiar pack of cards and have the wrapper. I haven’t decided when I will open the pack. For now I’ll enjoy the pack as a whole and wonder of the mystery of which cards it contains. Maybe I’ll get a Paul Assenmacher or a Jeff Pico. Oh. Maybe I’ll just keep the pack sealed for a while.

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Tom Saaristo
10 years ago

I like the term “Wax Pack”

Matt Maldre
10 years ago

Dude! A Delino DeShields Rated Rookie card! Remember when Rob Frey collected him? Rob Frey was a big Montreal Expos fan. He even had a fitted cap.

Matt Maldre
10 years ago

Do they sell Pat Borders or Jeff Pico cards in bulk?

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