FRIENDS/FAMILY my brother's blog and website. It's the best blog I know of. seriously. food master and regular commentor on my blog. drummer, music recorder, tech guy, photographer, LEGO® master. be sure to check out his photos.
That's it. I have very few friends and family that have websites or blogs. If you know me and have a website/blog/profile page that I forgot about, then please email me at yo at unlikelymoose dott com.


livejournal: artist journal tons of my Art you can buy at great prices my Mohawk Monkey Art sometime soon I will post images of my Art on flickr under this tag friends and family snapshots 43 things I would like to do 43 places I would like to visit (and places I have been) my videos xbox profile quick-hit list of some interesting sites (only used it for a couple days) my wish list. Buy me somethin. I'm one of the regular commentators. commenters? I like to post replies. (it's my brother's site) nothing here. just a link to my blog.
(I organized these links back around 2001. Many are dead. Many are still alive and kickin'. Good luck.)

Photography: digital camera, photography magazines, about cameras
Photoshop: general photoshop sites, Photoshop brushes, Photoshop actions, photoshop plug-ins, photoshop filters
Quark XPress: general Quark sites, Quark tutorials and tips, Quark XTensions
fonts: FREE FONTS, commercial fonts, cool fonts
logos: custom logo design, vector logo downloads
creative training: it pays off
BUY stuff: comparison and reviews
Apple Computer: insider sites, tons of general mac links, mac user groups
fun Mac stuff links: macquarium, Apple collectibles, other fun mac stuff
Mac software links :software updates, and freeware
Powerbook links: general Powerbook links, places to buy Powerbook stuff
computer fixits and tutorials links: general fixer uppers, specific fixer uppers
tech news: cool tech news, straight up tech news
fun with tech: yep, fun with tech, tech dictionaries