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The AP (Associated Press) is now saying they’re not happy about their image being the inspiration for the uber-famous Obama poster by Shepard Fairey and they want Fairey to show them the money. Fairey has acknowledged that the illustration was based on Manny Garcia’s 2006 photograph.

Sounds a bit greedy to me. I’m quite biased on this issue. Since my high school days I had an illustration style that is very similar to Fairey’s. It’s not uncommon. It harkens back to the old propaganda posters from WWI and WWII. So I’m squarely against the AP trying to cash in here. I believe there’s enough artist difference in the Fairey’s illustration. The illustration is a strong graphic constrast representation. It’s not realistic enough to rip-off the photograph. The illustration is more about Obama and the illustration technique itself than it is about the photograph.

Sorry, AP you’re just trying to cash in on what’s become one of the most popular American icons. It’s funny they waited this long to do so. It just more evidence pointing to their wishful greed.

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

AP can suck it!