yea, the building with the giant egg coming out of it

International Architect Partnership, Office for Metropolitan Architecture, have won a competition to design a new performing arts centre in Taipei, Taiwan.

And look at that giant egg thing coming out the side. It’s pretty wild. Some people will call it clich
. But it does create conversation about the role of architecture in our lives and I love that quality. It enriches the human experience.

More architecture should do that. Take Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art for example of the exact opposite. It’s an incredibly sleepy building. I understand it follows the theory that gallery/museum should be a neutral environment to let the art become the focus. However Julian Schnabel once said that if you’re art isn’t good enough to compete with the widly imaginative and pioneering Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa, Spain, then it doesn’t deserve to be there. I agree 100%.

So let’s grab some diamond-tipped circular saws and put a giant egg in the side of the MCA.